The Oubaas Trail

Lovely 2.3km walk designed by General Smuts Foundation

The Oubaas Trail is a 2.3km walk that was designed and laid out by the Friends of the General Smuts Foundation. The trail winds through one of the few remaining pristine dolomitic grasslands in Gauteng. 

The trail ends at the top of Smuts Koppie where there is an obelisk in memory of the Smuts family. 

Families, nature lovers, hikers and botanists can enjoy the interesting biodiversity of plants to be found on the Smuts Koppie. Many small animals live on the property and one can often spot a hare or a small antelope roaming around. 

Smuts Koppie is the home of a critically endangered fruit chafer beetle, Ichnestoma stobbiai. The female of this fragile species is flightless. This beetle also has a very short adulthood - the males are only active for a few days during the year after the spring rains - this is the only time when mating occurs. They have a beautiful coppery coloured exterior and are about 1cm in length.


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