The Smuts House Museum


Most of the house's interior has been recreated in the period 1909-1950 with thanks to the Smuts family members who donated furniture, pictures and equipment. Artefacts and gifts given to Jan Smuts during his world travels are exhibited.

Smuts converted the former billiard room to his study/library and contains many special ancient books on law, philosophy, botany and religion and this is where his theory of Holism was developed. 


Administration of the Museum

The General Smuts Foundation still owns and administers Doornkloof. The tea garden, caravan park and Arts and Crafts Market generate some of the funds necessary for the day-to-day administration of the museum. 

The administration of the Smuts House Museum is an interesting model for cultural preservation in South Africa today. Government does not have the resources to preserve the cultural heritage of all interest groups, and the onus for the identification and preservation of specific sites and aspects of history will have to rest on those with a particular interest in their preservation.

Financial Contributions and/or Smuts memorabilia will be most gratefully accepted.